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Available Courses 

Nevada Concealed Carry Course 

This is a state-mandated 8-hour course in order to obtain a NV Concealed Handgun Permit.


NV Concealed Renewal 

This course is to renew your NV Concealed Handgun Permit. This is a 4-hour course.


Concealed Carry and Home Defense 

Basic training in Pistol. This is a 4-hour course that covers safe handling, sight alignment, natural point of aim. The ins and outs of concealed carry and in home defense. 


Women's Handgun & Self Defense Fundamentals Level 1

Women’s Handgun and Self-Defense Fundamentals is all about sharing the basics—along with the fun, the seriousness, and the importance of being a responsibly armed female. After all, we are worth protecting.


Women's Handgun & Self Defense Fundamentals Level 2

Key Topics Covered in this Lesson are

Revolvers versus semi-automatics

Bullets and ballistics

Cycle of operation

Common malfunctions

Holsters and concealed carry

Establishing personal boundaries

Shooting fundamentals review

Putting it into practice


Women's Handgun & Self Defense Fundamentals Level 3

Key Topics Covered

in this Lesson


Avoid, Escape, Defend

Use of force

Cover versus concealment

Voice commands

Marksmanship versus defensive shooting

Drawing from the holster

Loading and reloading

Practice with purpose

Putting it into practice



We are able to qualify anyone that has a HR-218. Call us to arrange your qualification.


Active Shooter Course 

This course is designed teach you what to do in an active shooter situation.  We have designed this course for Churches and public settings.


Defensive Handgun 

This program is an extremely challenging course that introduces and reinforces the fundamentals of tactical shooting and weapons handling skills under stress. The foundation is a solid understanding of basic marksmanship, and weapons handling. This much more dynamic and fast paced course, is opposition focused and designed to make you successful when your life depends on it!

If you conceal carry a weapon, you need to know how to operate your weapon effectively in a critical incident. This course will teach you to be a well rounded and effective defender of your life!


Continued Training

This is for your continued training or when you just can't figure out why you are not on target or want more specified training.


USCCA CCHDF Instructor Course 

Love to teach? Love Firearms? Well why dont you become a Certified USCCA instructor? We offer bimonthly Instructor certification courses. This is a 2 day course that covers instructor development, how to safely run a range, basic fundamentals of firearms and firearm safety and much much more. 


AR Build Class 

This class teaches you how to assemble your very own AR. You learn about the history of the AR and the future. This is a platform that is fully customizable to your needs.  


USCCA AR 15 Fundamentals course 

Explore our AR-15 course specifically designed for civilian use. This curriculum includes both classroom and live-fire training, with a focus on learning how to use an AR-15 for home and self-defense. This course has something for everyone. For those new to the world of AR's you'll learn proper maintenance, operation, and accessories. Seasoned shooters will walk away with a better understanding of a proper zero, importance of round trajectory, and mechanical offset for close encounters.


USCCA First Aid Fundamentals Course

You can’t predict random violence, but you can prepare.  Sign up for an exclusive USCCA course that can help you render first aid effectively and properly. 


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